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Fashionista Lashes

Fashionista Lashes

Fashionista Lashes

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Fashionista falsies are voluminous, thick and long.

 RWTH Collection Lashes are a cruelty-free human hair Lashes.


How to apply


False Eyelashes (Step By Step)

STEP 1. Apply eyeliner.

STEP 2. Apply coat of mascara.

STEP 3. Measure them.

STEP 4. Cut to fit your eyes.

STEP 5. Apply thin layer of eyelash glue wait for 30 seconds, Apply with tweezers for mess free results.

STEP 6. Place the eyelash as close to your natural line

  • Then place the start of the eyelash and place it down to stick.
  • Next grab the end of the eyelash and place it down to stick.

STEP 7. Press your lash and the falsie together 

STEP 8. Fix up your eyeliner and cover any visible Eyelash glue.


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